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Read More 9-1-2015

Happy September 1st 🙂  Where is the year going?  We hope you had a splendid day just as we did at A+.  Today was better for the children who went to their new rooms with their new teachers.  Everyone was so happy about that.   The children went outside this morning but stayed  in this afternoon.  Just to hot in the afternoon.   Today includes Saplings September Newsletter and  Ms. Phoebe’s  Tumble Tuesday Today We.  Don’t forget payment is due and payment should be made out to Phoebe Roe.  Soccer payment is due also and that is made out to Happy Feet.  Don’t forget we will  be CLOSED Monday, September 7th, LABOR DAY.  I know we all looking forward to that 3 day weekend.
Everyone have a great night.
Mrs.Michelle, Mrs. Dea, & Mrs. Paige