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Read More 9-21-15

Happy Monday A+ Parents.  We hope you had a great weekend and were ready for Monday.  The children seemed ready.  They all had fantastic days. They enjoyed the weather and working on their art projects for the Art Show coming up October 22.  I saw many children in different rooms working in their journals and they seem to really enjoy that project.
A+ Children’s Academy uses American Sign Language vocabulary in our classrooms to promote speech and language development, reduce frustration, and  increase your children’s vocabularies.  We are pleased to be offering Sign and Sing Story Time with Communication Junction, starting in October.  The popular Sign and Sing Story Time is coming to A+ as a monthly program.  Your children will receive a 30 minute Story Time twice monthly filled with songs, books, vocabulary and signs to enrich their vocabularies, promote communication and develop a love a learning.  More information will be coming later next week about signing up.  You can learn more about Communication Junction at www.communicationjunction.net
Parents: Please remember breakfast is served at 815-8:30.   So, if you want them to have breakfast here, please have them he NO later than 8:15.  The kitchen is closed for breakfast and preparing for lunch by 8:35.  Everyone have a great evening and we will see you tomorrow.
Mrs. Michelle, Mrs. Dea & Mrs. Paige