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Read More 9-23-15

Happy Wednesday A+ Parents.  We at A+ have had a great day.  We certainly can’t complain about the weather we have been having.  It wouldn’t be to much to ask for this all year around, would it?  That’s what I thought!!!!!  The teachers and children have been busy mixing birthday cakes, drawing with chalk on the sidewalk,  painting trees, going for buggy rides and learning all about dinosaurs.  I don’t know how they find time for all the fun learning they do during the day.  It is such fun being a teacher and a child at A+.   A+ has a Facebook so if you haven’t checked it, please do.  It is updated daily by Mrs.Paige, except today she was in a meeting all day.  But please tell your friends to check it out also.  Parents please remember to bring diapers and wipes for your child, we don’t want any sore bottoms!!!!
Everyone have a great evening.
Mrs. Michelle, Mrs. Dea & Mrs. Paige