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Read More 9-28-15

Happy Monday A+ Parents.  We hope you had a fantastic weekend.  The weather was perfect for just about anything you would want to do.  The children enjoyed the outdoors this morning then came in and at Morning Meeting time. They told their teachers some of what they did over the weekend.  It is always neat to hear the children tell about their adventures.  The classes are continuing to work on their art projects and I saw what the Oaks did today and it is beautiful……All the classes are working on beautiful projects .  This is going to be one of our best Art shows ever.  The date is October 21.  Please mark your calendars.   The forms are here for  Sign and Singing Stories.  Please grab a form and sign up.  Your child will benefit greatly while having  fantastic fun!!!
Everyone have a wonderful evening and we will see you tomorrow.
Mrs. Michelle, Mrs. Dea, & Mrs.