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Read More 10-15-15

Good afternoon A+ Parents.  We hope you had a THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY!! Some of our children were seen thinking about what to write in their journals as I went to the different rooms today.  Today Ms. Phoebe had Rhythm and Dance so be sure to check out the pictures.  Every class is continuing to work hard on their art projects and today we heard  some of the children in Twigs talking about the Art Show.  It is neat to hear the little ones talk about the up coming show.  Some of the classrooms will be open for the Art Show, however, most will remain closed.   Acorns will not have a Today We because of computer problems.  We apologize for that.  Parents Please bring the appropriate change of clothing for your child.  The weather is cooler and long pants and long sleeve shirts would be better.  You could also include underwear.
Everyone have a wonderful evening.
Mrs. Michelle, Mrs. Dea, & Mrs. Paige