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Read More 10-16-15

Hello A+ Parents.  We hope it was a FABULOUS FRIDAY for you.  The weather is pretty outside however, a bit chilly.  The children didn’t seem to mind, they still had fun playing with their friends.  Oaks and Elms celebrated Johanna’s new baby brother, John III, with blue cup cakes.  Elms celebrated Izzy’s 5th birthday with ice cream and blue cupcakes for Gabriel’s baby brother, John III.  It was a fun day for both rooms.  Izzy saved an ice cream cup for Brooklyn who has been in the hospital this past week.  Brooklyn has been missed by her friends very, very much!!!!  We hope you get better soon Brooklyn 🙂   It has been a very busy week at the Academy trying to prepare for the Art Show and enjoy all the good weather.  But best of all,  the children  had fun and have learned new things at the same time.  Everyone have a FABULOUS weekend and we will see you on Monday.
Mrs. Michelle, Mrs. Dea, & Mrs. Paige