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Read More 11-20-15

Hello A + Parents.  We hope you had a FABULOUS FRIDAY.   The children are continuing to work on their Thanksgiving projects and discuss Thanksgiving.  The different foods eaten, the different decorations and what they mean and the noise the turkey makes.  They even talked about how it might snow over the weekend.  UGH!!!  All the classes continue to work on new words in ASL, I hope one of them isn’t  “SNOW’.   The children  did go out for a few minutes today to release some extra energy.  Parents, please make sure you bring extra underwear for your children.  Sometimes when they are going potty they accidentally get their clothing wet and we don’t have spare underwear at ALL!!  Also, check and make sure they have warm extra clothing here instead of summer clothes. Thanks. Everyone have a snow free FABULOUS weekend.
Mrs. Rouland, Mrs.Dea & Mrs.Paige