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Read More 11-23-15

Good Afternoon A +  Parents.  We hope you had a MERRY MONDAY.  It was a MERRY MONDAY at the Academy today.  The children were excited about the snow.  The Acorn teachers brought some snow in the room and put it into the water table then made it different colors.  The children were hesitant at first but eventually put their hand into the snow.  The Sprouts had fun squishing canned pumpkin and throwing it on the floor.  Charlie and Isabella tasted it and I’m not sure they really liked it.  The Elms made a Pumpkin Spice cake and it looks very yummy.  Each child took a turn putting it all together then took it to the kitchen to see what happens after it was all mixed up.   They had a great day…. Tomorrow is the BIG FEAST, just a reminder:  ACORNS-11:00——SAPLINGS/TWIGS:11:30——OAKS/ELMS/PINECONES:12:00.  The children are looking forward to the BIG FEAST and sharing the meal with you.   We look forward to seeing you also.  Have a MERRY MONDAY evening..
Mrs. Rouland, Mrs. Dea & Mrs. Paige