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Read More 12-4-15

HAPPY FANTASTIC FRIDAY !!!!!  We hope you had a fantastic day.  The sun coming out certainly helped  make for a beautiful day.   The children in the center have found a new book character they have become very found of,  His name is Pete and he is a Cat.  All the rooms from Acorns on down to Elms have been reading his adventures and I guess he is a very funny cat.
I hear quite a bit of laughter when I hear the teachers reading Pet The Cat. I have to check out this book.  As you can imagine it is exciting here at the Academy with Christmas in the air.  Some of the smaller children have named the snowman in the entryway “OLAF.”  So cute!!!!!  Parents, if you haven’t brought in a change of underwear and long pants for your child. PLEASE do so.   The pictures are being taken home, just remember, you pay for the ones you keep if you don’t keep them all.  If you pay on line, please bring in the pay envelope so we can mark it on the pay sheet.   Thank you so very much.  Everyone have a great weekend.
Mrs. Rouland, Mrs. Dea, & Mrs.Paige