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Read More 12-7-15

Good day A+ Parents.  We hope you had a MARVELOUS MONDAY!!!  The weather definitely wasn’t marvelous!!!  I guess it goes with the territory, Illinois!!!  The children are busy learning about the cold weather and what makes snow and snowflakes.  Some of the children have their own idea about what snow is.  It is interesting to hear them talk about their ideas.  Another class learned how Polar Bears and  Reindeer can stay warm in the cold weather.  The classroom Christmas Parties will be will be on the 22nd of Dec. from 3:00-4:00.  The teachers will hang a donation list up by their room as the time becomes nearer.   Pictures/money will be due this Thursday.  Bring back the pictures you don’t buy, money, or if you pay on line,  please bring back the payment envelope.  We need to notify the company of all online payments.  Thank you.
Everyone have a MARVELOUS evening..
Mrs. Rouland, Mrs. Dea & Mrs. Paige