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Read More 12-30-15

Good day A+ families,
What a brilliant Tuesday this has been! Our kids have been taking time for individual assessments, imaginative play, and one-on-one teacher interactions. The new year is almost upon us and so is the snow. We are open tomorrow (normal hours), but not Thursday or Friday. Be sure to remember so that plans can be arranged properly. Assessments will be taking place up until the 2nd week of January. Parent teacher conferences will take place after assessments are done. There will be a sign up sheet on every classroom door at that time. So be watching for those.
With the new year approaching class rosters will be switching around. If your child is going to move up, please make sure you provide their new teacher’s with adequate supplies and information they will need to know about your child. Notice that maybe blankets might need to be a bit longer (for growing legs), pillows might need to be adjusted, and any articles of clothing might need to be brought in to put in their updated cubicles. Please make sure to take home anything that your child may not need anymore. DON’T FORGET TO LABEL OBJECTS COMING INTO THE ACADEMY!
For any and all other questions be feel free to speak to the management team up in the front office.
Have a wonderful evening,
The A (+) Team
Mrs. Rouland, Mrs. Dea, and Mrs. Paige.