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Read More 1-6-16

It was a WONDERFUL day at the ACADEMY today.  The teachers are busy with the assessments and still doing lessons with the children.  Today was also special because “Just Kidz Dentistry” came and visited with all the children from classes Saplings, Twigs, Oaks and Elms.  They learned many new facts about brushing their teeth that they didn’t know before. They learned to brush in circles, to floss, brush for 2 minutes, and to also brush their tongue.  They also learned what a cavity was and what can cause it, besides not brushing their teeth.  They were given a goody bag to take home.  The children were very good listeners and sat so well for the program.  We were so proud of them..   Next week are the conferences, if you wish one with your child’s teacher, please sign the sheet outside your child’s room.  PARENTS:  If your child is going to be late or will not be here, PLEASE call us.  We need to know this for teacher/child ratio purposes.  We have to send teachers home if the children are not here and we have expected them.  Thank you.  Everyone have a wonderful evening.
Mrs. Rouland, Mrs. Dea, & Mrs. Paige