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Read More 1-8-16

We hope you had a FANTASTIC FRIDAY.  We at the Academy had a FANTASTIC day.  On Fridays Seedlings and Sprouts have “Fun Friday”, which means they just “play”.  However, they are learning also.  The other classes did interesting projects like trying to paint ice cubes, bean bag math, drawing snow with chalk, and making animal tracks in the snow.  Every class is busy doing something different and the children are learning while having fun.    Although some children have already moved to their new class room, transitioning week will be next week and the children will be in their new room permanently on the 18th.  There are some children that have moved up but still need diapers or pull ups, so parents please continue to provide those.  We do not provide them.   Everyone have a great weekend..
Mrs. Rouland, Mrs. Dea & Mrs. Karen