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What a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY at A+ today.  We hope you had a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY also.   Every class is discussing or doing something in regards to weather.  One class played with snow in their classroom and even tasted it.  A classroom made snow clouds and another made snowmen.  The children may not be able to get outside to play but they can have fun with snow in one way or another in their classrooms. Some classes still continue to work with Mrs. Lane on their cloud art projects and teacher’s are still meeting with parents till the end of this week. Make sure you signed up to speak with your child’s teacher if you want to look through the assessment papers with them. Children will be permanently moved to their new classes starting next Monday. Parental involvement during this time is especially important to us here at A+. We hope you have a wondrous evening! See you all tomorrow.
Warm wishes,
The A (+) Team
Mrs. Rouland, Mrs. Dea, and Mrs. Paige.