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Read More 1-14-16

TODAY WAS A TROUBLE-FREE THURSDAY at the Academy today.  We hope you had a TROUBLE-FREE THURSDAY also.  Today Mrs. Lane was a hit with her balloons again.  The children love the different projects she is doing. She explains what type of cloud she is making with the balloons in each class. The children think it like magic.  The younger children are still talking about snow and experiencing how “cold'” it really is.
All the children are learning new words and counting  in Spanish, they are signing everyday.  They show me what they when they learn new signs, which is great.  The Parent/Teacher conferences have gone very well and are winding down, however if you didn’t schedule one and decided you would like now, you can talk to your child’s teacher.  I’m sure she will work something out with you.
Everyone have a TROUBLE-FREE evening.
Mrs. Rouland, Mrs. Dea, & Mrs. Paige