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Read More 1-21-16

IT IS THURSDAY AND WE AT A + HOPE YOU HAD A THANKFUL THURSDAY!! We are THANKFUL for the fact that it isn’t snowing anymore. However, a couple classes had snow in their rooms to experiment with or just play with, use as art or as a sensory.  I guess snow can be a useful annoyance after all.   Mrs. Lane is still working on the balloon project in other rooms today.  I heard some children talking about lights on the balloons.  WOW!!! I want to see that set of balloons.   Twigs made puffy paint to make some clouds.  Great way to work on their fine motor skills. The Saplings children were able to play in the big tent in the Activity Room  today.   Great idea since they can’t go outside and they had so much fun.  There are so many different activities going on at the Academy everyday, we just can’t keep up with everything.  We love listening to the chatter and laughter during the day .  Nap time is nice too.  But the smiles, hugs, and laughter is what makes our days perfect!!!
Mrs.Rouland, Mrs.Dea, &Mrs.Paige