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Read More 2-3-16

What a great day at the Academy today.  The children are doing so many different things in the classes. The Acorns found a frog outside (in the flower basket) so they talked about frogs for awhile.  Elms are discussing Presidents, Black History and Valentines. The other classes are discussing their regular topics plus Valentines.  Maybe we will find out where and when Valentines Day started.  We will be open Monday, the 15th,  Presidents day.  Every class has a sign up sheet for the Valentine’s Party.  Will your child be here, will you be attending, will you be donating a treat?  That is what the sign up sheets are for.  So if you would check them out the teacher’s would appreciate it very much.
Everyone have a great evening.
Mrs. Rouland, Mrs. Dea, & Mrs. Paige