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Read More 2-9-16

Hello A + Parents, we hope you had a TREMENDOUS TUESDAY!!    The children had a TREMENDOUS day,  however they were disappointed when they couldn’t go outside.  The sun was shining, so why couldn’t they go outside?  Just a “wee bit too cold”.  Winter is finally here.  Every class is still working on their valentine projects and the children become so excited as the projects get closer to becoming finished.  The party is Friday, don’t forget, as if your child would let you!!!  We will be open Monday the 15th, President’s Day in case any one was wondering.  Parents please bring extra underwear and long pants for your child.  When your child has an accident and we send them home in his/her extra set and you don’t send another set, we don’t have a replacement for the next accident.  So, please send replacement clothing for your child.  Everyone have a TREMENDOUS TUESDAY EVENING.
Mrs.Rouland, Mrs. Dea, & Mrs.Paige