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Read More 2-22-2016

A + STAFF HOPES YOU HAD A MOMENTOUS MONDAY!!  The children had a MARVELOUS MONDAY.  The children played outside, drew with chalk on the side walks and watched the squirrels in the yard.  There was a camera break-down in the Seedlings so there won’t be any pictures from that room.  Everyone was so excited about going out it was great to see the excitement on their faces.   Just an early reminder, this Friday, the 26th is the last Friday of the month.  That means Pajama Day!!!!  Some younger children need to bring more diapers.  Please bring more than one or two a day.  That just isn’t enough for the day,  at least bring a weekly supply.  Everyone have a great night.
Mrs. Rouland, Mrs. Dea and Mrs.Karen