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Read More 2-24-2016

Good afternoon A + Parents.  We hope you had a WISHFUL WEDNESDAY.  All the children are busy working on their projects.  Elms are learning about the Earth, the next layer they are discussing is the Mantle. It is very hot!! Oaks are learning about pets and how some dogs are not pets and live in the wild.  They also looked at dogs from Africa, India and Australia.  That was pretty cool!!!  Twigs learned how to make rainbow wands with Mrs. Lane and they had fun with her. The Saplings practiced printing the capital A with big markers today, and they did a great job.  All the children had fun playing and learning in the centers  and activity room today.  Friday in Elms is Show N Tell and it is also PAJAMA DAY IN THE WHOLE ACADEMY.  Everyone have a WISHFUL NIGHT…..
Mrs. Rouland, Mrs.Dea & Mrs. Karen