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Read More 3-2-2016

WELCOME WEDNESDAY A + PARENTS.  The sun did shine, most of the day and it was warmer.  We saw many, many, many smiles today.  There might be many little smiles tomorrow if we get the snow that came from the Twigs weather person!!!!!  WOW!  I wondered why the children were doing Easter as an art project with different resources.  I had no idea Easter was at the end of this month.  Time really flies when you have fun.  Ms. Lane, who was a teacher here a while back, came to visit today in Elms.  She is  working on her internship, so she had to sign everything that was said in the class while she was being recorded.  The children thought that was neat.   She will be in Oaks tomorrow.   Everyone had a great day today and we hope you have a great evening.
Mrs .Rouland, Mrs.Dea & Mrs Karen