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Read More 3-17-2016

Good Day A + Parents!! Hope it was a happy one for you.  All the children at A + were happy.  They went outside and enjoyed the great weather.  We hope the great weather continues tomorrow also…..  The Seedlings were able to look at a squirrel through the window.  They didn’t really care about it too much!!!  Many children had on green shirts today, I wonder what that was all about?  They wouldn’t tell me either!!!!  There was a leprechaun roaming around Elms throughout the day.  He made the children laugh but they never caught him, hee, hee, hee!!!!!! Twigs teacher talked about alligators, Why?  It was an amazing day at the Academy and I’m sure it will be tomorrow also.  Elms has Show N Tell so the children are always excited about that. PARENTS!!! PLEASE!!! BRING extra underwear and pants for your child!!!!!  We DO NOT HAVE EXTRAS!  WE HAVE TO PUT PULL UPS ON A CHILD IF THEY DO NOT HAVE EXTRA UNDERWEAR.   Everyone have and exciting evening.
Mrs. Rouland, Mrs. Dea, & Mrs.Karen