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Read More 3-22-2016

WE HOPE YOU HAD A TITILLATING TUESDAY.  Our day at A + was very TITILLATING.  The children are always excited to go outside and the weather was perfect for that again today.  The children never want to come inside but once they are involved in a project, all is fine and the chatter begins and the smiles appear.  The Sprouts painted today, trying to use a paint brush.  I think the fingers worked better.  However, their pictures turned out beautiful…Everyone has fun playing in centers but it isn’t just fun, they are learning different concepts also.  It depends on the center but they are learning spacial concepts, measuring, counting, size, balance, fine motor skills, sharing, new words, on and on. Centers are very important in a child’s daily life.   Thursday is the Easter Egg Hunt.  Please bring a bag of candy to the office so we can fill the eggs.   Thank you.   Have a great night.
Mrs. Rouland, Mrs. Dea,  Mrs. Karen