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Read More 3-23-2016

What a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY at the Academy today.  Everyone was full of energy and laughter.   Tomorrow is the EASTER EGG HUNT and the children are excited and talking about how many eggs they will find.  I wonder if many of the children will take naps before the hunt?  Today the children worked on octagons, painting chicks, learning to hold markers., One year on Mercury has 88 days, some children talked about plants and which ones they can eat.  There was a Pizza Birthday Party in the Saplings today for Ja’Maurius.  He is 3 years old now. The children then celebrated the afternoon with cupcakes at snack time.  They sang Happy Birthday and the whole class was happy and messy.  All in All everyone had a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY at A+.  Sign and Sing is every other  Monday and the children have a great time for the half  hour they are with Ms. Abbey.  American Sign Language is a useful tool for children of all ages to promote communication and expand vocabulary.  Children will leave each story time with 3-5 new signs to practice at home and in the classroom.   A TakeHome Sheet is sent home with each child that participates.   We have information and sign up sheets on the wall next to the sign in box.  Grab one and read it.  Your child will have fun while learning.
Everyone have a WONDERFUL evening.
Mrs. Rouland, Mrs.Dea, & Mrs. Karen