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Read More April 11, 2016

hat a MAGNIFICENT MONDAY!!!!!! The sun shined and it did warm up a little bit.  The children were HAPPY and they always are so it was definitely a MAGNIFICENT DAY!  The Acorns received a new Bubble Machine and loved it.  The Sprouts went down to visit and the children loved the bubbles also.  Maybe they will get one too.   The Elms are going to learn about the Earth.  That will take a while, because there is so much to learn.  Baa Baa Black sheep do you have any wool? That is what the Oaks talked about today.  The week ahead looks like warmer weather.  So, if  that weather man is right, outside we go!!  Question today:  Why didn’t I have a question today?  1) I forgot. 2) I was busy.) 3) I was sick. 4) I was gone. 5) I couldn’t find one.) 6) I forgot the numbers.  Thanks kids for helping me!
Everyone have MAGNIFICENT evening.
If you did not get a chance to take this brief survey last week, please take a moment to do it now. It is from the group of Bradley business students who are learning about our academy this semester as part of a class project. Thank you!
Mrs.Rouland, Mrs. Dea, & Mrs.  Karen