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Our Acorn room is made up of our toddler friends.
Ages 15 months – 2 years

When your child gets more mobile, they will join our toddler room. A strong emphasis on Language Development and Social Skills is encouraged and nurtured.

The Curriculum is now driven by your child!  The teachers observe the children and plan projects around their interests and then integrate Language, Math, Science and Social Studies with an emphases on Visual Arts.

Morning Meeting Time is introduced to the children when they reach this age group. Every morning the children sit down with the teachers and read age appropriate books, sing songs, work on their colors, numbers, shapes, identifying body parts and work on their sign language.

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Sign Language is large part of our school. The language of signing helps promote healthy communication skills between teachers and children regardless of cultural differences. Research tells us that signing with infants increases brain  development and boosts their IQ. Everyday they learn a sign pertaining to the project work they are focusing on and review the signs that they have already learned. Teachers sign with your children all day long.

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The language of Visual Arts is continually intensified at this age. Visual arts encourages observation and focus, while developing fine motor skills.

The Language Literacy Component starts being integrated with this classroom. Everyday they engage in journal time where they learn to use a pencil instead of markers and crayons.

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Assessments and Parent Teacher Conferences are done twice a year. This gives you an opportunity, as a parent, to ask questions about how your child is progressing and hear about their daily development.