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Our Elms room is made up of our 4 and 5 year-old friends.

The Curriculum is continually driven by your child’s interests!  This is our highest level of academics. The teachers in this classroom specialize in elementary education so that your children are more than ready for Kindergarden. Your child chooses a topic to investigate and their teacher helps integrate Language, Math, Science, Social Studies and The Arts into the investigation.

Long-Term Project Work is done in large and small interest groups at this age so they can explore the topics they have chosen and report back to the group with what they’ve learned.  This promotes a higher level of problem-solving.

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Our Language Literacy Component is most important with this group.

The First part is Joint Writing Time.  They sit down with the teacher at morning meeting time, where together they model phonics and letter sounds. The teacher draws a picture of the daily plan and the children guess what they will be doin that day.  Together child and teacher sound out the sentence starting with Today We Will and end with a period.

The Second part is Repetitive Books. Every other week a book is worked on using sight words. This helps with reading comprehension. Once the child can read the book it is sent home to their parents.

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The Final part is Journal Time.  They start this component as toddlers and by the time they reach this classroom, many of our students can write letters and words quite well. By starting at a young age their fine motor skills develop enough to be able to write properly by the time they go to Kindergarden.

Sign Language and Spanish are our two languages that are taught and used everyday to promote understanding among diverse cultures. Research tells us that learning to sign at a young age increases brain development and boosts IQ.

We also have an Art Teacher that comes in twice a week and works in collaboration with the teachers on projects.  Children explore, interview and create to advance their learning.  Visual Arts are an integral part of our Reggio method of teaching.  The visual arts are used as a medium to visualize the growth in children’s learning.

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Assesments and Parent Teacher Conferences are done twice a year. This gives you an opportunity, as a parent, to ask questions about how your child is progressing and to hear about their daily development.