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Our Sprouts room is made up of our more mobile infant friends.

Now your infant is becoming mobile!  At A+ Children’s Academy, we believe in an infant schedule based on parental preference.  We follow your guidance in every aspect of care be it eating, learning, playing, or napping. Our attentive teachers care for the children and report back on their progress daily.  Many activities fill these infants days. They join in Art, Reading Time, Singing Time, and Sign Language.

Sign Language is an important aspect and is taught as a second launguage to promote early communication, self-esteem, and problem solving. Research tells us that signing with infants increases brain development and boosts their IQ.

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Art is done daily to give the children sensory experiences and fine motor skills.

Infants recieve as much Play and Tummy Time as possible to ensure they will be developmentally on track.

All children, even the infants, go Outside for some fresh air as often as possible.  We have specialized 4 seater strollers designed to let your child enjoy the fresh air in a safe and secure way.

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Assessments and Parent Teacher Conferences are done twice a year, even at this young age.  This gives you an opportunity, as a parent, to ask questions about how your child is progressing and hear about their daily development.