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Our Saplings and Twigs are made up of our 2 and 3 year-old friends.

The Curriculum is now driven by your child’s interests! Children choose a topic to investigate and their teacher helps integrate Language, Math, Science, Social Studies and The Arts to the investigation. They then turn this interest into long-term Project Work where they learn about the subject in a more in-depth fashion.

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Visual Arts are an integral part of our Reggio method of teaching. The visual arts are used as a medium to visualize the growth in children’s learning. Twice a week an Art Teacher comes in to work on special art projects that are related to their studies.

Sign Language is a universal second language at our Academy due to the diverse culture we welcome in our families. More advanced sign language is taught at this age. These children are learning to sing and sign the ABC’s along with signs for daily use.

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Our Language Literacy Component is intensified in this classroom. They continue Journal Time but also start working on Representational Drawing. They learn letter-like shapes, an important element, and participate in Joint Writing Time. Teachers help the children to recognize the sounds and shapes of letters and to begin putting together sight words. The children make Repetitive Books every two weeks that are sent home where the children can read them using the sight words they have learned.

Potty Training is started in this age group. We work closely with parents to privide consistent training and encouragement at school and at home.

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Recently the Twigs did a long term study on space! They learned about everything from the sun and the moon to space ships and astronauts. They children were enthralled with all the different aspects of space. It was pure amazement when the found out the sun gives light to the moon and that’s why we can see it. Watching them learn and develop their own ideas was extremely rewarding for children and teachers alike!

Over the summer the Saplings learned all about BUGS! They spent the longest time learning about bees. All of the children were very interested in the different species of bees and the habitats they live in. As you can see they spent time learning about honey combs and even made their own. The Saplings were very creative while making their honey bees. Each child took pieces of model magic, in yellow and black, and formed it into what they invision a honey bee looks like. What a brilliant and fun study!

In the past the Twigs and Saplings did a project on apples. They taste tested red and green apples, took a poll on which tastes better, and charted the votes on a bar graph so the children could visualize the results. They then predicted how many seeds were in the apple and discussed the look and texture. The children documented their findings and talked about it for weeks!